FeB 2017

Had some fun djing some of my older vinyl on a Condesa Lucia Rotary Mixer.  I think these discrete mixers sound terrific.  Rotary mixers are SMOOTH.



OCT 2016

After a little pumpkin Carvin on a moonless night I threw together this dj mix.  

Bahamut and Scott Remedy remixes of Bathmat out now. 

Scott Remedy pulls out all the stops with a funky reinterpretation of the classic dance floor hit Bathmat.   In addition Bahamut offers up his own take which has Bathmat.   Great to work with Remedy again on a favorite track.  



Sept 2016

New Bahamut Release with Dj GFX : Be Fresh

This was a fun collaboration that took a more than a few years to go from messing around jamming on beats together to finally becoming finished tracks.    Much love to GFX for the help and encouragement.  


May 2016

New Christopher Rayce Release Sea of Cello



APRIL 2016

The tulips popping up around the yard inspired this Dj Mix.


DeC 2015

Winter Solstice Mix posted for the long nights of winter. 

Nov 2015

Posted a remasted version of the Rayce - Puff the Magic EP.   This was a collaborative project done with Q-Burns Abstract message.  It includes a remix of Yes Yes Y'all by Simply Jeff.